Our Host Organizations

About Designing the WE

Designing the WE consults across sectors to bring a deep, systemic lens to the challenges impacting their clients' work and business, and work together with them to co-create innovative approaches with powerful social impacts.



They use Transformative Design, working with communities to co-create projects with goals such as Undesigning Redlining. They are using this method to help build an ecosystem of people and places where these ideas and work can become an ongoing process and facilitate conversations. 

About Polk County Housing Trust Fund

Founded in 1995, PCHTF’s role in the Greater Des Moines region is to provide strategic leadership, expertise and resources to strengthen communities by expanding affordable housing choices. This work is guided by the vision, set forth by its Board of Directors, that everyone has an equal opportunity for safe, stable, affordable house within the communities where they choose to live. The Undesign the Redline exhibit is one of several initiatives PCHTF has created to advance support for housing policy that emphasizes increased equity through housing choice.  The exhibit, and its related guided tours, will run through the 9th Annual Affordable Housing Week slated for April 13 - 18, 2020.