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What is Redlining?

In the 1930s, President Roosevelt created a variety of federal departments and programs that would bring America out of the Great Depression. This action is known as the New Deal and its impact on families across the country was mostly positive. However, with the creation of the Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC), a system now known as Redlining came into existence. This home valuation and mortgage risk assessment system embedded Jim Crow-era segregation and inequality into cities across the United States. Maps of cities were developed to show which neighborhoods were best for investment and mortgage loans and which were not. These maps, known as Redlining maps, told banks where and whom they should provide money. This practice is how structural racism and inequality was designed into our cities and built environment. And the impact and consequences have never been undone.  

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We are collecting stories from our community to display on this website. If you have a story to share related to the topics discussed and displayed, we would love to hear them and add them to our growing collection of local knowledge. 

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We still have realtors assume white families don't want Des Moines Public Schools . . . implicit bias exists everywhere.

I found it so shocking about how the cycle seems to continue today.

Big government seem to facilitate these practices, but glad to see the importance of community involvement and action for change

We keep repeating the same mistakes. Historical disinvestment must be considered!!

I enjoyed learning about the history and how redlining affected Des Moines.

Indebted to all those who worked to bring the exhibit together. Thank you. We need to all work together to change the inequality in Des Moines.

What is the City of Des Moines doing about this/to redesign ?

Thank you for opening this exhibit so others in the community come come! Appreciate it very much!

What about the new Jim Crow??



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